Our Club

Looking for a new sport to try? Do you enjoy swimming and dancing? Synchronized swimming takes the love of dance and music to the water!

Our mandate is to provide an energizing artistic swimming experience for all athletes in a fun, safe and inclusive environment.

Ravensong Waterdancers: A Small Club with BIG Heart

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“I like meeting new friends and learning all the new moves in the water.”    Recreation Team Athlete
“Synchro has improved my child’s confidence. Teachers have seen improvements in school work and a more positive attitude.” Competitive Team Parent
“I’m so happy to have a found a way to be active, challenge myself and gain strength, stamina and flexibility while having fun and basically living my childhood dream of being a mermaid!” Masters Team Athlete
“I love synchro because it’s active, so it’s healthy and exercise. I love synchro because I  can dance and swim at the same time. I love synchro because I met some of my best friends through it. I love synchro because it’s pretty to watch.” Competitive Team Athlete



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