Why do we have a fundraising quota?

The funds raised from the quotas and club fundraising can go towards operational costs, equipment for the Club, awards & incentives for athletes, hall rental and food purchases for the bi-annual socials, office supplies and help to keep monthly fees as low as possible.

The athletes of the club have the responsibility to meet the fundraising quota allotted to the program level the athlete is registered in. The club’s responsibility is to provide a variety of fundraising opportunities for the athletes to participate in. It is expected that the athletes will participate in the opportunities that best suit the athlete’s financial circumstance.

Funds raised in excess of an athlete’s quota are split between the club and the athlete equally. The athlete’s portion of the excess of funds will be applied to the athlete’s account towards any balance owing. This includes equipment or clothing purchases and monthly dues.

Athlete Fundraising Opportunities

Choose from a variety of options throughout the Synchro season to help earn the fundraising commitment each athlete has to the club. You can also choose to pay the fundraising amount up front if you do not wish to participate in any of the athlete fundraisers. Some fundraisers that we have done (these are not necessarily done every year)


  • Quality Foods $100 gift cards: earn 4%, For example: buy a $100 card, swimmer receives $4 towards their quota, starts in the Fall and runs all season
  • Rec Bucks: families can redeem their own personal Quality Foods Points for rec bucks to go towards their fundraising quota: 200,000 points = $20 rec buck, starts in the Fallpurdys-logo
  • Purdy’s Catalogue Sales: swimmers receive 25% of orders sold, held both in the Fall for Christmas orders and the Spring for Easter orders
  • Purdy’s Chocolate Bars (when available): milk or dark chocolate bars to be sold for $2 each, sign out a case of 20, swimmers receive $1 from each bar sold, starts in the Fallepicure-fundraiser
  • Swim-a-thon: swimmers receive 50% of the pledges collected, the club receives the remaining 50%, held in the Winter (January or February)save_logo
  • Save-on Foods $50 & $100 gift cards: earn 6%, For example: buy a $100 card, swimmer receives $6 towards their quota, starts in the Fall and runs all season.
  • Panago Pizza – (when available): Each gift certificate is priced apanago-logot $10, entitling the bearer to One Medium sized pizza of their choice. $4 from each certificate sold is returned to the swimmer, starts after January
  • Thrifty’s Smile Cards: $50 & $100 gift cards: earn 5%, For example: buy a $100 card, swimmer receives $5 towards their quota, starts in the Fall and runs all season.

Club Fundraising

Occasionally there are fundraisers that are designed as Club fundraisers and are not applied to an individual’s quota.  The most notable being QF Points to use towards pool rental time.

  • Quality Foods Points Drive: Our club collects points we then use to redeem for Rec Bucks that help pay for the pool rental costs in Qualicum Beach. If you would like to help us collect points choose one of two ways to donate:qf-logo
    1) sign out a QF Points Card, then scan it every time you purchase items at any Quality Foods location
    2) tell the cashier at the till you’d like to donate your QF points to the ‘Ravensong Waterdancers’.
    Our goal is to raise 10 million points to cover the cost of one month of pool rental time at Ravensong Aquatic Centre