Registration takes place ahead of, or on the first night of the season (mid-September for Competitive and the first Tuesday of October for all other levels). The Registration (online option now available 2022-23) and Medical Forms will need to filled out, along with payment for the Registration fee and post-dated cheques for monthly dues and fundraising quotas. You can also make registration arrangements simply by emailing us. Registration for the AquaGo! Program is open multiple times through-out the season as the sessions run in 10 week (approx) sessions . All first-time members receive a club swim cap that is to be worn at practices (and competition warm-ups) – replacements are at the expense of the family.

All of our athletes are expected to fulfill a fundraising quota for the year. Two post-dated cheques are required for half of the quota dated for December 1 and April 1 (AquaGo! participants are only required to pay once per session). Cheques will be returned when your quota has been met, half of the quota is due by the 1st of December.  The club has many fundraising opportunities set up for our athletes that make fundraising a breeze, visit the Fundraising Page for more detailed information (including discount information for families with multiple athletes in the club)

Tuesday/Thursday practices are held in Qualicum Beach.  Sunday practice times (for our competitive athletes) are usually held in Nanaimo.

Program Fees can be paid in full for the season or monthly by cheque or etransfer (upon approval from the Treasurer). Incidental fees (nose clips, replacement swim caps, (optional) club suits and Competitive team uniforms and suits) will be invoiced to accounts and are expected to be paid in full by December and April.

2022-2023 Practice and Fee Schedule

Program Training Times Season Start Registration Fee Monthly Program Fee* Fundraising Quota

Tues/Thurs       5:30-6:30 and    6:30-7:30pm

Oct 4, 2022 $50 (once per season, NOT per session) $85 $50 per session
Limited Competitive

Tues 5-6:30 Thursdays 4-6:30

Sun once/month time tbd (1 hour)

Oct 4, 2022 $70 $125 $150
Masters** Tues/Thurs
Oct 4, 2022  $70 $85  $100
Competitive Team Tues 5-6:30  Thursdays 4-6:30


tbd (2 hours)

Sept 27, 2022 $160


Competitive Solo/Duets

Sundays  tbd (1hour)

TBD, 2022 n/a $30/$50 $75

*In the months of December and March, the monthly fee is HALF to take into consideration time missed for late season start-up, Spring and Christmas breaks.

**Masters pricing is based on Tuesday and Thursday practices only. If Master Athletes decide to add Sunday practices (1 hour), monthly fees will be $115 and fundraising quota will match with Limited Competitive.