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No Classes: January 18

We have decided to cancel practice tonight, Thursday, January 18th, 2024 due to the snow and the road conditions.
The forecast is calling for more snow this evening and we are exercising caution and prioritizing safety for everyone tonight.
See you all next week at the pool.

Swim-a-thon! Tuesday, January 30, 2024

One of our biggest and most fun fundraisers of the year is the annual swim-a-thon! It is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30th at your child’s regular swim time and a lucky person(s) gets to accompany them poolside to track and cheer them on while the music is playing underwater on the speakers.

Kick off your fundraising efforts by asking your family, friends and co-workers and use the pledge form to keep track of donations. Donations can be made as a lump sum, flat-rate amount OR they can choose to donate per length. The athletes will have one full hour to swim as many lengths as they can (a length is from one end of the pool to the other = 25m; 2 lengths = 1 lap).

While we encourage all our athletes to push themselves, our youngest members may opt to use a flutter board for part of the event. Also, a tracking sheet will be provided at the event for the counters to use to keep track of the lengths.

All children will need to have a volunteer on deck for the duration of the event on Tuesday, January 30th to track the number of lengths they swim.

Pledge sheets, and any funds already collected, can be brought to the event (donations placed ‘by length’ can be collected in the week after the swim-a-thon when the total lengths swam is known) and turned in to a coach, the Treasurer or a Board member.

Things to remember:

  • Please arrive a few minutes early so they can be ready to start when the hour timer begins.
  • Water bottles on deck are strongly encouraged.
  • Counters can bring a foldable chair to sit on while on deck.
  • Counters are encouraged to cheer on the athletes!

Fun Fact:
Coaches track athlete’s results year-to-year to note the improvement.

See you at the pool!

RDN Gives Back

Our club would like to thank the RDN by giving them a shout-out for the grants that they have provided to support our club this season. They contribute BIG TIME to helping us grow our club membership back up to what it used to be pre-COVID! So many clubs and organizations have been struggling due to restrictions and shut downs, and the RDN’s financial help will ensure that we are able to keep our fees to current member families as low as possible while we spread the word about our fun and unique sport!

Thank you!

Kaia’s Journey to Nationals!

Ravensong Waterdancers’ Artistic Swimmer, Kaia Fuchs (16), decided to challenge herself as an athlete this year, switching from Provincial Stream to National Stream Competitive Synchro. This has meant training as a soloist because there are not any National teams nearby on Vancouver Island.

Kaia is a dedicated and self-directed swimmer; she trains in the water 4-5 days per week as well as cross-trains at Circus Freaks in Parksville twice per week. She is committed to doing additional cardio, flexibility and strength workouts at home in her spare time. She had the good fortune of earning a spot on Team BC this year which has helped her to fine-tune many of the National level elements that are required of her.

Her journey to Nationals has been hugely encouraged by coach Debbie Provencher. Debbie has given Kaia the rare gift of freedom to choreograph her own solos while offering guidance and technical feedback. Kaia is very proud of the routines she has created and is so thankful to her coach and the Ravensong Club for always being supportive and cheering her on!

This weekend, Kaia will travel to Kamloops with the hopes of qualifying for the National Qualifiers in Markham, Ontario later in March. We hope to see you at the fundraising event at Parksville Boston Pizza March 2nd to her dream become a reality!

Email to book tickets for the fundraiser.

Water Dance Your Heart Out Article

Water Dance Your Heart Out!

We are featured in Amateur Sport Magazine!  Magazines are available at Ravensong pool – pick up your copy today! One of our Competitive families wrote it together ❤️